Q : What is Micro drip irrigation ?
Compared to conventional sprinkler systems, micro drip irrigation systems are simple to design, inexpensive, easy to install and highly flexible. This modern and efficient system deliver water measured in Gallons Per Hour (GPH), and apply water only where it is needed. This can conserve water, improve plant health and reduce the growth of weeds
Q: Can I install GreenAge Micro Drip Irrigation all by myself ?
Yes you can.  All you need is some common sense and the willingness to work a little. Your aesthetic and artistic sense determines the beauty of your Micro drip irrigation project.
Before you start, please refer the following:
Our video ‘Automatic Micro drip irrigation by GreenAge’ on YouTube
Our face book page’ GreenAge”
Customer installation page in this website- Refer the bottom of any page in this website for the link  
GreenAge store in www.Amazon.in (GreenAge)for product list, description and customer review
GreenAge store in www.Eby.in  (Ebay)for product list, description and customer feedback
GreenAge Store in SnapDeal
Q : How do I start a Micro drip irrigation project ?
Before you start, please make a layout plan of your proposed garden - Measure the length of main drip irrigation polyethylene (PE) hose required - Count the number of pots/ plants to be watered and note down the number of 16mm and 4mm fittings and accessories required. Take note of the number of bends and diversions too. 16mm PE hose is the main supply line for drip irrigation and 4mm feeder tubes are attached to it by using 4mm connector pins for extending the water supply lines to individual pots or plants

Make some sketches and drawings before you start to avoid any unwanted or excess purchase
Q: If my over head water is situated at a height of 10 meters, what will be the approximate pressure of water ( PSI) that I can expect ?
From a water tank situated at a height of 10 meters, you will be getting approximately 14.5 Psi water pressure. (Psi is the unit of pressure and the short form for one pound of water pressure per square inch) One Psi if calculated from the ground level will be approximately equal to 2.31 feet of water height ( column of water ) no matter what the size and shape of column is. And one foot of water height is approximately  equal to 0.434 Psi.   Psi is the measuring unit for the pressure of water per square inch. Normal drippers will work at below 14.5 Psi but water emitters such as Sprinklers, foggers and sprayers require more pressure to perform, say a uniform 28 to 32 Psi.
Q: What should be the minimum height of water tank?
Pressure of water, total length of main supply hose, number of bends and diversions as well as the slope of ground level determines the number of plants that you can water through a drip irrigation system. Pressure will be less if  the height of water tank is less and vice versa. Pressure will also be less if the water flow is diverted into several sub-lines. If the height of your water tank is in between 5 feet to 10 meters, you can only use normal drippers in your drip line. As the height and size of water tank increases, pressure also increases and more drippers can be added to extend the irrigation area. Water emitters that require a high pressure (sprinklers/ foggers/ mist sprayers etc) will not function properly if the pressure available in the supply line is less than 28 Psi. If you are doubtful about the pressure, you may fix few drippers in the beginning and later on add one by one to check the availability of remaining water pressure. Volume adjustable dripper help a more rational delivery of water a it can be individually controlled  

Q: What happens if the water pressure is too high?
Some fittings or connectors cannot withstand if the water pressure is too high ( more than 40 Psi normally). The micro fittings may  burst out and the supply line may get disconnected resulting water leakage.
This can be solved by fixing a pressure regulator in  your supply line. We have pressure regulators available in our store to maintain and control water pressure  
Q: What is the difference between high pressure and low pressure models of GreenAge micro drip irrigation kit ?
Certain water emitters that require a reasonably high pressure of water such as Sprinklers, Foggers, Mist sprayers and their fittings are not included in the low pressure model . Low pressure model will be suitable for those who don’t have a high water pressure available. Low pressure model can be converted into a high pressure one if the water pressure available is increased on a later stage.
Q. What type of batteries are used in GreenAge water timer and what is the average life of batteries?
Two AAA alkaline batteries are required for the GreenAge water timer. Batteries are not supplied with  the water timer.  Always use the best, high quality and branded batteries. ( Try Duracel or Eveready). Quality of batteries are very important since most of the issues related to the functioning of timers are resulted from the usage of low quality batteries. Life of battery depends on the number of times the timer functions each day.  If the timer is operated two times a day, then the battery should normally lasts for  two months. There is also a low battery indicator on GreenAge water timers that continuously blinks when the charge becomes low 
Q. Why our water timer does not make any sound  after installing the batteries?

Every GreenAge water timers is supplied after a two stage inspection and testing and the  timer should make a motor sound when you install the batteries
If the timer do not make any sound after installing the batteries
Kindly check the following :
a) The smalls wires that connect the  batteries with the timer are not disconnected
b) The positive and negative ends of the battery chamber is properly connected with the batteries
c) Batteries used are new and branded only

For product information and reviews
FAQ on Micro drip irrigation - Please check the FAQ section given at the bottom of this page
Youtube link for setting up the water timer
For setting up the Water timer
If your problem is not resolved after following these guidelines, please return the product for a 
free repair / replacement  as per our return policy
Please refer the following link for more information on warranty and return
For resolving issues faster , please whatsaap +91-8089811575 or+91-7561825022

Q.  How do we make a list of items that is required for our Micro drip irrigation project?
First of all, you have to make a drawing of your lay-out plan, measure the area and the length of 16mm PE hose required. Take a note of bends and diversions in the supply line, number of plant to be irrigated and spot them in your layout plan. Please also note down the spot where the water tap is located and finally refer our website to prepare your requirement list.
We will soon upload the list of products in PDF format with the pictures of each product and its functionality in brief . Instead of searching for the whole website, you can download this list for easy selection of products that fulfills your requirement.
Q. Which products make the head unit for automatic micro drip irrigation?
To make your micro drip irrigation project automatic, you may require a head unit consisting of the following items.
1) Water tap with 3/4 inch male threaded outlet - Qty-1( A must if you plan to fix the timer on a water tap)
2) Reducer/ Converter  – Qty 1  (Only if the size of water tap outlet is 1/2 inch  instead pf 3/4 " )
3) Screen filter with 120 mesh screen to prevent clogging of drippers in the long run
4) GreenAge Water TimerQty 1 ( Only water timer that offers one year warranty)
5) Branded and high quality AAA batteries –Qty 2
6) Y adapter – Qty 1   (Optional if you want to divert the water supply lines to two opposite directions )
7) 16 mm Female compression coupling - Qty 1  ( Used to connect 16mm PE hose with the head unit -Buy two pieces if you are using a Y adapter)
8)  PTFE thread sealing tape - Apply the tape on threaded areas to tighten the fittings and avoid leakage
 Q : Besides head unit , what  other products  required  to complete a basic  project ?
1)   Polyethylene hose for drip irrigation ( PE hose)   Size : 16mm   Length : As per your requirement
2)   Punch hole making tool  : We have several models ,choose the one that meets your requirement
3)   4mm connector pins  : According to the number of feeder tubes that you plan to attach with your 16mm polyethylene pipe . Each feeder tube connection require one 4mm pin. Remember to use Greenage PVC Rubberized and imported feeder tubes for a perfect fitting.
4)   Goof plug : Keep some quantity in case you want to close any unwanted punch holes. Same is used as end cap for 4mm feeder tubes
5)   16mm Compression end cap :  Used to close the end of the main 16mm line. Each end of 16mm PE hose require one end cap  
6)   4mm feeder tube :  As per requirement- Buy if you plan to extend the water supply line to pots or plants through 4mm feeder tubes
7)   Drippers : Each plant require at least one dripper. We have several types of drippers in our store. Please refer each and choose the one that best suits your requirement. Volume adjustable drippers help  to control the volume of water delivered to each plant 
8)   16mm straight / elbow/ Tee connectors as per requirement. These are used to connect / extend/ bent or divert the 16mm polyethylene pipe. Compression fittings offer a minimum 5 years life span and  100% leak proof. Compression fittings are for a permenant connection
9)   4mm T, Cross, Elbow and straight connectors as per requirement. These are used to connect / extend / bent or divert the 4mm feeder tubes
Q: What is the benefit if products are purchased directly from GreenAge ?
This website is e commerce enabled with a 100% secure payment gateway. Our payment gateway accept almost all credit/ debit cards and Net banking . Also you can directly pay / deposit to our Bank account ( Our bank details are given at the final check out page ). 
We offer a flat 5 % discount for direct purchase by individuals and additional discounts are offered  through discount coupons 
 Q: Why it says that the quality of GreenAge products are far superior than others 
GreenAge Micro drip irrigation products are manufactured abroad after maintaining international international quality standards in production and performance.  All GreenAge micro fittings, drippers and accessories are made of new polypropylene plastic by applying advanced thermo setting technology for its manufacture which offers more precision, greater performance and a life span three times  higher than the products made from normal or recycled plastic.
Q: What are the warranty /Guarantee conditions for GreenAge products?
All GreenAge water timers ( including Timers for drippers and water pumps) are warranted for one year from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defect. Product which has any warranty will have its warranty conditions given in its description page itself

Return of a defective product is compulsory as we need to inspect the defect before processing a free replacement. Our warranty is for replacement and no refunds offered. Courier charges for the return of a defective product will be reimbursed by adding free products of our choice in your return package. Please refer our warranty conditions in detail at :   https://vikon.in/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=5
Q: What are the main caused for inferior performance of GreenAge water drippers /emitters?
Most of the drippers works perfectly at  a minimum 14.5 Psi of water pressure ( approximately the pressure received from a water tank situated at a height of 10 meters) Pressure available depends and varies according to the  total  number of water emitters installed  as well as the length of water hose and its bends and curves. If there is air in the supply lines, that forms air bubbles and the nozzles of water emitters get blocked. In that case you have to install an 'Air and vacuum releasing valve' or 'a Take pressure adapter'  . Also there is a possibility of blocking the nozzles in the long run by dust and dirt in the water  and for this, a  120 mesh screen filter filter is a must  
Q: How do I track my shipment ?
Currently we use  Speed post of the Indian Government postal service for shipping the orders
You can track your shipment by using the following link
Thank you

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