Questions and Answers !

G.Vidya Sagar , Senior Advocate, Hyderabad 
I came to know your products through Amazon web side. I have interest in your products . I have mango farm of 10 acres . I have roof garden at Hyderabad , Telangana State. I plan to install Drip irrigation system at my roof garden . Can any expert advice available at Hyderabad? 
In drip irrigation, you have two options to select 1) Manual operation 2) Automatic operation
For manual operation, you may require a reasonable water pressure in your supply lines 
Therefore in larger areas , you may require a water pump to increase the pressure of water and automation is possible  where water pumps are used.For this, you can either use our 1) Automatic pump control switch that automatically makes the pump work when the pressure falls below a certain level
or you may connect our Timer switch with your water pump to preset its operating intervals
With the Timer switch for pumps, (we have two models available ) you can preset watering  intervals for a maximum 16 times a day
Its also advisable to use  PVC pipes with larger size in the beginning that reduces its size to and finally extended to plants by  16mm  polyethylene drip irrigation hose . For connecting 16mm PE hose with the PVC supply lines, you can use 16mm off takes. 
On the other hand, our water timer for water tap will be the perfect option for terrace gardens and poly houses. You can buy any of the following Water tap timers and other required fittings as per requirement
Depends on the height of water tank and the pressure available at the water tap, you can also select our automatic Micro drip irrigation kits suitable for high or low pressure. 
Drip irrigation kits are the best option for a beginner as any product additionally required can be purchased separately as well as 
return of unwanted or excess fittings for exchange is possible.
( Please note that the  Micro drip irrigation kits are under updating and will be available for purchase very soon )
Please send a small video clip of your entire roof garden showing the water tap for additional tips.