About Us

Aesthetic Gardening ! 

Ours is the first on-line shop in India for Automatic Micro Drip Irrigation Products 

We sell accessories and fittings for creative gardening with specialization in automatic micro drip irrigation.

 Our products are meant for people seeking solutions for Eco friendly and aesthetic gardening and its easy, hands free irrigation. 

   For communication, please use Email (sales@vikon.in) / SMS  or WhatsApp to+91-8089811575
Please note that we may not attend all telephone calls 

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Please note that we do not offer either technical consultancy or installation guidance
Instead, you may  use this link https://goo.gl/forms/PToGvxjqBoBiWFWV2  for our recommendations 
If you are a customer of our Water Timers, Drip irrigation kits or a fully automatic project,
we will provide the reference of our existing customer/s if available in your location for your consultancy 

You may please refer this website (or any other) for all available information on the internet to wisely
purchase and make your own irrigation project for your garden. 

Special Offers !

If you are an existing and HAPPY CUSTOMER of Greenage Water timers and wish to buy a new one after its
expiry period, please contact us with your  purchase reference for a special price
Send us a small VIDEO CLIP of your GreenAge water timer installation within 3 months  
and avail free drip irrigation products worth up to Rs. 500/-
Send us a snap shot of the FIVE STAR RATING given on our products within 3 months
and avail special gifts 

More than 90% of our products are directly imported and the cost include custom duty and GST.
Please refer product description, customer installation and and 'How to' page for derails 
We only sell high quality products suitable for hands free automatic irrigation