To install an irrigation system in your garden, you need to have 
some basic knowledge about the following :
1-Source of water(Over head tank/Municipal line/ Well water etc)

2- Pressure of water (Psi or pounds per square inch / Bar / Kilo)
3- Rate of water flow( Volume of water delivered per minute)

4- Pump head (Maximum height water flows vertically)

5- Size of pipe/Length and it diameter

6-Frictional loss etc ( pressure loss due to length and bends of pipe) 
Please refer each topic carefully to learn how to install an irrigation system
that assures the best output 

Increasing water pressure from an over head tank 

The pressure from an over head water tank is based on the height of the tank.
A tank on a 25 feet (7.62 meters) tower will supply at least 12.5 Psi
(Psi is the unit of measurement for water and Air pressure)
Reducing the pipe from 1.5 inches down to 3/4" after the drop may
slightly increase the pressure of water 
To increase the pressure from an over hear tank, you have basically only two options:
1) Raise the height of tank  2) Install a water pump
If an irrigation system works from an over head tank, the pressure of water
mainly depends only on the height of tank.

Selecting a suitable water pump

Consumption of electricity, Volume of water delivered per hour,
Total dynamic head  and the warranty conditions are
 the three important  things to be checked before buying a  pump

Please check below and refer Calculation of Total Dynamic Head 

Formula for pump - power calculation

Use this formula :  P=9.8*Q*H/η 
P: Power of pump ( Unit: KW.   For example :  1HP = 0.75KW )
Q: Flow rate in system ( Unit: M³/S)
H: Pressure required for the system ( Unit: Meters.  For example : 1Bar = 10M )
η: Pump efficiency ( normally it is about 0.15)

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