• Pulse Solenoid valve lue 24Vac /3 Way Nc(No)- Imported-Blue

Pulse Solenoid Valve - Blue
24Vac /3 Way NC(NO) Imported

A solenoid valve is an Electro-mechanically operated valve.
In the case of a two-port valve, the flow is switched on or off
In the case of a three-port valve, the outflow is switched between the two outlet ports.
A solenoid valve regulate the flow of water in an irrigation system.
By applying a voltage over the coil, the valve opens and the liquid flows through it
The valve is controlled by an electric current through a solenoid
This Solenoid can be fitted with the common controllers for automatic irrigation system
Actuator motor designed for converting electric to hydraulic command
which is essential part for Hydraulic controlling
Three version AC (DC) and DC Latching available, AC and DC version is 2 in 1.
NC (Normally Closed) and NO (Normally Open) two modes available for selection.
·Designed with diaphragm inside which makes controlling main part separate from
water passageways for long service life.
Width water passageways designed for short reaction of controlling valve and anti-clogging.
Manual controlling knob for CLOSE-AUTO-OPEN operation.
3-way hydraulic base can be fitting for the Hydraulic controlling with 3 position 2 way.
Very low energy consumption for long distance control with long wire.
·DC Latching version: Voltage 12-40V, Pulse width: 80-500ms
Pressure range: 0-10bar (0-140 psi)
·Max. ambient temperature: 60℃ (140℉)
·Max. fluid temperature: 60℃ (140℉)
·Filtration: Min. 80 mesh
·Hydraulic ports connecting: 1/8" BSP
·With 100cm Wires
·DC Latching version has red (positive) wire and black (negative) wire
Solenoid valves are used for the automatic on and off control of liquids and gas,
including dilution of pesticides and liquid fertilizers with water for agricultural purpose.
Solenoid valves are also used for the automatic diversion of the flow of liquids and gas
by a main control switch or timer
AC (DC) version: Voltage 24V (15-30V), Current Inrush 90mA, Holding 75mA
Application of solenoid valves

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Pulse Solenoid valve lue 24Vac /3 Way Nc(No)- Imported-Blue

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