Trouble shoot

Question raised one year after the purchase : The item is not closing the valve after the time specified (3 min) causing water wastage.
If the valves are not closing, there should be error either with the electronic chip or with the analogue wheels of the timer.
The wheels inside makes the valve close and we assume that the settings of these wheels might have changed due to usage over time.
If the issue is with the electronic chip, then there is no spare part available with us currently and you have to replace the timer. 
You may refer 'GreenAge water timer - what is inside ' in YouTube and seek the help of an electronic shop and try to repair
Unfortunately we do not offer repair after the expiry of warranty
If you wish to buy a new product, there is special discount for satisfied customers.
Please contact directly by email ( or whatsapp +91-8089811575
What happens to my timer settings after changing the battaries? 
On changing the battery, your saved data will be lost from the memory and you have to do a new setup.
After installing the new battery and hearing the motor sound, keep the frequency knob at the RESET point and run time knob at the ON point.
The motor will make a sound again.
Now you have to rotate and keep the frequency knob at the desired hour and at the same time, keep the run time knob at the desired minutes.
You hear a sound again confirming that your new set up is saved .
Whenever you change the set up, you have to repeat the same steps.
If you have selected 2 hour frequency, then you need to wait for next two hours to see the timer functioning

Our water tank is at 15 feet height and the drippers don't work. There is no control over the volume of water emitter.
Either no water comes out or it comes out with full force.

Please try to keep the water tap open and let the water be present  in the irrigation line all the time 
(Make sure that you have closed all drippers as well as the end cap of the main line).
Instead of opening the tap and let the water come in its full force, keep water in the line and slowly rotate the red cap of the adjustable dripper
so as to get the required volume of water delivered.
Also you can a fix a manual control valve ( or water tap) to control and minimize the flow of water to the irrigation line .
The final solution is installing a 15 Psi or 20 psi pressure regulator at the beginning of the irrigation  line to minimize the pressure.
Since your water tank is only at a height of 15 feet, you may not require a pressure regulator to control the force
( 15 Psi is the approximate pressure of water we get from a tank at a height of 10 meters )