Time is precious for everyone

So we charge for our time if you require any consultancy on installation

For consultancy, Please follow these simple steps

1) Browse the below link, fill with all available information and submit
2) Wait until we respond. it normally takes 3 to 5 working days 
3) Pay Rs.10/-per square feet for consultancy but not less than Rs 1000/-
*Use 'RESHIP' page on the main menu for making this payment
4) As per the form submitted by you,we will recommend required products
5) We will provide a discount coupon equal to the amount you have paid
*This coupon will be valid for a maximum 30 days and thereafter no refunds or discounts
6) Use the discount coupon to reimburse your payment for consultancy when you buy products
7) Drawing will be available at extra cost depending on the size of project

If available, contact number of our existing customers in your location will be provided for advise
Installation at extra cost is available at selected places- Please contact 

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