We undertake online consultancy for Automatic irrigation of your garden.
This include, Automatic drip irrigation, sprinkler and sprayer irrigation and fogging. 

Our area of specification include:

1) Automatic Micro drip irrigation of your home and vegetable garden,
Terrace garden, Poly house or  large agricultural plantations 
2) Automatic pop up sprinklers for your lawn and Micro sprinklers for small garden areas. 
3) Fogging or Misting effect for farm houses, restaurants, courtyards and live stage shows
We also undertake fully as well as semi automatic Irrigation.
In fully automatic irrigation system, the overhead tank is automatically filled when
the water in the tank goes below a certain level 
To automate your irrigation system, we have the following options
1) Control by an analogue water tap timer with single outlet 
2) Control by an analogue water tap timer with dual outlets 
3) Control by a Digital water tap timer 
4) Control by a single dial digital water timer 
5) Control by a solar powered digital timer 
6) Control by a solar powered digital water timer synchronized with solenoid valve
7) Control by Timer switch synchronized with your mono block pump
8) Automatic irrigation with Wifi controlled Digital water timer 

Many more options to choose from according to your requirement and budget  

For online consultancy , please follow these simple steps

1) WhatsApp your requirement to 91-8089811575 or email the same to with
your complete physical address including pin code and contact numbers
2) Prepare and send a drawing / hand made  sketch as well as few photos and a small
video clip of your proposed garden showing the source points of water / water tap.
3) After the approval of drawing, pay 50% of our consultancy charges which is
Rs.12/-per sq.Ft but a minimum of Rs 5000/- for each project. 
4) Once the above fee is paid,  you may be asked further information on the
proposed area including it's area wise measurements and we will provide a total 3 drawings
for each project plus  installation guidance and recommended product list within a maximum 15 days. 
 5) Products supplied to any project will get 10@% discount on its selling price
. Suppose you have paid Rs.10000/- towards consultancy, our 10℅ discount helps
you recover a certain amount  when you purchase goods from us.
    Every project should be completed within a maximum 60 days. 
6) Step by step installation guidance and one year free technical support offered  

Apart from this, you have to arrange and bear all labor charges, cost of PVC pipes or any

additional products locally purchased. 

We do not make site visits unless you pay all expenses

and it depends on distance to travel

Thank you 

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